Classes And Programs

If you want to get together with people to talk about spiritual growth, study religious ideas, or simply enjoy their companionship, then check out what we have to offer.

The classes and programs listed here are the ones that reoccur at a set time, but there's a whole lot more going on here. To see a full list of our upcoming events, or to find out exactly when things are scheduled, take a look at our events page.


These classes are for everyone who wants to explore God's Word and talk about what it means to live according to its teachings.

Scripture Study Class

When: every other Wednesday from 5-6 pm

Where: the Sunday School room, or live via zoom (

This is a discussion-based exploration of the Bible. The format is very simple: we read a little bit, and then talk about the reading. We treat the Word as a guidebook for our lives; our goal is not simply to understand it, but to exercise our minds and also to understand why God gave it to us. If you're interested in joining a class then this is a good place to start.

We are currently working through the Minor Prophets, looking at books of the Old Testament such as Hosea, Joel, Amos, down to Habakkuk and Malachi.

Programs and Events

These are just a few of our connection-and-community oriented offerings.

Annual Society Meeting and Potluck Lunch

When: The last Sunday of October

Where: Meeting in the Chapel, then Potluck afterwards in the Community Room

We like to consider this an annual gathering consisting of members and friends alike. If you come to our church even semi-regularly then you are encouraged to join this meeting. We discuss various visions and goals for the church, we also take a look at our financial standing, elect and reelect members to service on our Board of Directors, and more!

Good food is one of the best tools for building happy communities. Potlucks are a fun social event for all; everyone simply heads to the community room after the meeting, and then they eat. There are great choices of food for all, and some exceptional desserts.

The Songs of Christmas (and the stories behind them)

When: Usually the second Friday of December

Time: 8-10pm (pre-reception at 7pm)

Cost: $20 per person at the door

Enjoy an evening of great food, spirits and company followed by a very enternaining show featuring our own Don Rose and musician Jameson Van Horn. The show is filled with exceptional live music and vivid explanations to many well known Christmas songs, both new and old, traditional and contemporary. There is not only great music but fun trivia with prizes, audience interaction and sing alongs!

Annual Car Rally

When: Early to mid-Spring

Time: Afternoon

Cost: $20 per car

Bring your friends and families in your car to our parking lot. Designate a driver and a navigator and you'll be given a list of clues to send you on your route. Follow the clues correctly in the shortest amount of time (staying within the speed limit!) and you could be a prize winner! This is a great way to enjoy family time together while exploring much of the unseen beautiful landscapes of Bucks County.

This is also an opportunity to support local business. We encourage people to ask a business to sponsor them for the event at a set cost. If they are willing we will have a car magnet made featuring their logo, which will go on your car for a week to help get their name out. The company then gets to keep the magnet in the end.

Art Display and Exhibit

When: Late Spring

Time: Two weeks in June

We have a lot of hidden talent within our community as well as outside. During this time we convert our community room into an art gallery featuring drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures and more by our own artists. This is a unique way to celebrate the respective views of life from others.

If you have artwork that you would like to display please let us know!