Meet The Pastor

Ryan Sandstrom


Ryan Sandstrom, M.Div., has been a pastor for over 10 years. After being ordained in 2011 he was appointed to serve as Assistant to the Pastor in Maryland MD in the Mitcheville society. There he gained a variety of pastoral and ministerial experiences in preaching, doctrinal classes, and serving in their schools as a religion teacher for the 4th and 5th grades. In the end of his first year there he was appointed as Interim Pastor for the Ivyland society, they then called him to be their head pastor in the end of 2012.

At Ivyland Ryan leads a small but vibrant society. Aside from regular Sunday services he provides consistent Bible and Doctrinal studies covering a wide variety of materials. He has led discussion style classes after church on occasion where people can share and participate on a more personal level. Ivyland is a place where people feel at home, like being in a family. At this time he and the society will be considering new ways to become more involved and welcome more people in order to best serve our mission on multiple levels.

Ryan has four children who are successfully racing through their teen years. He looks forward to exploring and seeing what lies ahead!